Who we are


Our people

Geof Harries

Design Director

Geof looks after the design and user experience of our projects. He's responsible for everything from user research to strategy and analytics to interfaces.

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Michael Johnson

Technical Director

Mike leads our technical effort. Whether programming, managing servers or mapping data models, if it's complicated, you can bet he's got it covered.

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What We Do

We make Proto Hound and Cash Hound as well as custom software and apps for discerning clients.

Our team is also endlessly curious about new approaches and solutions. In fact, that's why Subvert chooses to focus on development in the Microsoft stack, namely ASP.NET web applications, Windows Store apps and Windows Phone apps. Technology is evolving at breakneck speed and Microsoft makes it easier and more fun for us (and hence, our clients) to keep ahead of the curve.


We believe...

  • In listening to other people's opinions. Just because we're experts in what we do doesn't mean we’re closed to hearing and acting upon great suggestions
  • In giving back. Each employee gets to pick a charity and Subvert donates a portion of our monthly profits on their behalf
  • In outsourcing everything that we consider to be a commodity. This allows us to focus on what we do best and helps decrease costs for clients
  • That technology cannot solve problems by itself. We put strategy, people and results first and foremost and then use leading-edge technologies to stitch it all together
  • That speed and quality can co-exist. While we're agile and work quickly, what we deliver won't come at the expense of pride and polish